Episode 40

Arden and Will have a long, long chat about an epic Tinder search, first date etiquette, and the Academy Award season! First, they explain why this week's weekly genius emailed every Claudia at the University of Missouri. Then they introduce you to a study that wants you to talk about abortions and STDs on your first date. Lastly, they debate which films, filmmakers, and actors deserved the Oscar nomination, which ones didn't make the cut, and which ones could've been ditched.


Weekly Idiot

  "So, do you have an STD?"

"So, do you have an STD?"

Go Science!

  1. Talk travel, not movies
  2. It's not what you talk about, it's how you talk
  3. Share secrets
  4. Be controversial
  5. To take the first date to the bedroom - ask the question, "“Do you like the taste of beer?”

Reel Talk


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