Episode 18: Spongebob Theory, Creepy Smiles & the Vegetarian Plague

Spongebob characters = 7 deadly sins. The science of creepy smiles. Bugs that create vegetarians.

Episode 17: Comic Con Ban & Outback's Bloomin' Onion Cult

United Airlines vs. TSA on Twitter. Conspiracies about Outback Steakhouse's satanic cult. More giant-ass spiders.

Episode 16: Platonic Playdates, Breaking Addictions & The R Kelly Cult?

Brainwashing. Spiders vs. bees. Jealous girlfriends. 

Episode 15: The Mega Contact Lens, Forest Bathing & Useless Brain Games

One eyeball, 27 contact lenses. "Don't effort" cure for cancer. Lumosity vs. videogames.

Episode 14: Oak Island Treasure, Dog Mayor & Accidental Burials

A real life Zootopia. $10 billion treasure. Dead man turns up very much alive.

Episode 13: 'Murica Day, Firework Injuries & The Phallus Festival

How fireworks explode. Teenage boys + 4th of July = bad news. Naked festivals & penis celebrations in Japan.

episode 12: Mind Control, Thirsty Drugs & Treasure Trolls

Another death in Fenn's treasure. CIA mind control. Disneyland's $700,000+ map.

episode 11: Friend Breakups, Revenge Fantasies & the Hunt for Sex Partners

Forever a virgin. Too boring for friends. Get rid of those "what could've beens".

episode 10: Disneyland's Haunted Haunted Mansion & Child Janitors

Ghosts at the happiest place on Earth. Students as school janitors. The science of cute.

Episode 9: Sexiest Dance Moves & Juggling Criminals

Clowns on trial. Toothpaste weapons. Magical sleep water. Hot ass dance moves.

Episode 8: Denver Airport Conspiracy & Fake Deaths

Pretend deaths to avoid sex. The complex world of sighs. Naughty church camp kids. The underground VIP lounge of the Illuminati.

Episode 7: Losing Your Virginity, Tips for Trich & Love or Lust?

Another long Q&A with tips on asking out guys, having sex for the first time, traveling, and preparing for the end of a relationship. 

Episode 6: Long Distance Relationships, Toxic "Friends" & BFFs vs. BFs

One long Q&A about LDRs, dumping bad friends, studying stress, and friend vs. boyfriend priorities.

episode 5: Furry Conventions, Cat Islands & Cockerels vs. Roosters

When dogs and furries collide. Make money milking snakes. The Hook / Karate Kid / Seven Samurai / Lord of the Flies cat mashup movie of the century. 

episode 4: Fenn’s $2 Million Treasure, Nose Jobs & Never Been Kissed

The poem towards treasure. Cat's survival in a box. The cult of no food. The pros and cons of college.

Episode 3: The Sex Talk with Parents & Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Professional snugglers. Picky eaters. Childhood cartoons, ruined. Strict parents + the sex talk = ?

EPISODE 2: Used Panties, Penis Transplants & the Hollow Earth Theory

Weird Japanese vending machines. A utopia that may or may not exist. Penis weapons. Serial killer prairie dogs. Finding your soulmate.

Episode 1: Nude Performance Art, the Pixar Theory & Bad Dates

Disney Pixar movie conspiracies. Weird jobs. Bad dates. Cheese debates. Crushing on your boyfriend's best friend (aka your best friend's ex).

Episode 0: crash on my couch preview

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